Prepping Your Home For the Holidays

Stocking Up (And We’re Not Talking About the Ones Over the Fireplace)

With an influx of visitors into your home, you’re going to need to stock up on supplies. Namely hand soaps, towels, toilet paper, and other basics. There’s nothing worse than having company over and not having the items to make them comfortable. So, start making a list of household amenities and check it twice.

Create Spaces For Cherishable Moments

The holidays are a time to create memories that you will hold forever, but this is only possible if everyone inside the space can feel comfortable. This means that your common areas should have a sense of openness to them, to allow for maximal relaxation. An easy way for you to ensure your guests’ comfort are: decluttering social spaces like the living room, setting up more than enough places for your guests to sit, and simplifying the space in your kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most popular spaces for entertaining guests during an event, making it crucial that it remain tidy and open, so that you can sling some beverages, lay out snacks, or sit down and enjoy each other’s company.

Spruce Up Those Bathrooms

Along with the kitchen, bathrooms are another high traffic area that you’ll need to be aware of when company comes around. It may just be the perfect time to begin some remodeling if your bathrooms look like they could use some love. So, give us a call if you’re looking to make some changes for the holidays. Whether it be backsplashes, new sinks, showers, or tiling, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a room that will impress the in-laws, the bathrooms would be a cost effective place to start.

Check Those Coats

If you are throwing a party in the winter months, it’s inevitable that folks are going to be bundling up in some capacity. Making it crucial that you provide spaces for all of those overcoats and boots. Nobody wants to walk through a minefield of moccasins and motorcycle jackets, so make it easy on your guests, make some room in the coat closet for all of their items. Or if your home is not equipped with a proper coat closet, you can always designate a room in your home, or purchase a coat rack for all of your guests’ belongings.

Cozy Up

Additionally, with temperatures dropping, it’s important to bring out those blankets and quilts for your guests. Whether it be to warm up or just get a little cozy on the couch during a movie. Also, in the event that your guests are spending the night, it’s very important that they have enough pillows and blankets for when they decide to unwind for the night.

Freshen Up Your Paint

This one is a simple, yet very effective way for your home to get that finished and polished feel. If you have extra paint from your build or last remodel, it always pays to do some touch ups. And if you don’t have the paint you initially put on the walls, you can always take a picture of your wall and bring it to a paint store for them to match if you don’t have a sample. A touch up on all of your walls and baseboards, is bound to make your home feel a lot more dressed up, and just that more impressive to all of your guests.

Consider Expanding Your Dining Options

Holiday meals are a staple to the season, so it’s a no brainer to expand your dining table and seating options. All of this is dependent on the amount of visitors you are expecting of course, but it’s paramount that you have enough space at the table for all that come into your home. This can be achieved in a multitude of ways. You can upgrade your dining room table to one that physically extends and get multiple chairs, or if you’re hosting on a budget, a foldable table with a tablecloth is always a great option. The most important thing is that everyone is able to quote-unquote “have a seat at the table,” so that they all feel included in the festivities.

With these tips your home is bound to feel more welcoming for all of your guests, and the holiday season should go off without a hitch. So, cozy up, pour a glass of champagne, and celebrate with your loved ones in a home you can be proud to showcase as a host.

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And from Built to Perfection, have a happy holiday season!

Written & Edited by Sam Hulsizer at Built to Perfection, Inc.