How Coronavirus has Halted the Construction Industry and What to Look Forward to in the Future

Amidst the 2020 COVID-19 global pandemic many industries have reached an unprecedented halt in revenue, and with the second wave potentially approaching it seems that this year’s profit-loss margin has become irrelevant and small businesses are fighting to just stay alive.

With the construction industry on standby, the harsh reality is that when we get to return to work, the idea of normalcy will forever be changed. When the world recovers from this, companies alike will be eager to resume halted ventures, but business owners will definitely have to change their protocol and approach.

Although eager to return to what we once knew, the world has changed and the construction industry will have to shift to accommodate for our new reality. The future of construction will forever be altered and I have compiled a list of things I believe we have to look forward to.

Our builders will take extra precautions

The health of the people we employ as well as our clients whose homes we will be working on is our top priority. We will treat construction zones with extra caution, making sure the areas we work on remain clean and orderly so we can contain any potential threats. If need be, our builders will remain distant and only work in groups if the task requires more strength.

Projects will take longer

Plain and simple, getting back into the groove we can expect permits will take longer to get approval, inspections will be delayed, and the extra precautions we enforce will take more time, so we can complete projects safely and correctly. With all that being said, the project you hoped for will, in the end come to fruition, and your living space will be all the more worthwhile to well, live in.

New technology will be integrated into the process

Recently I’ve taken note that new technology is being developed to maintain construction productivity. For example, AECOM, a global engineering and infrastructure firm, has launched a tool to allow clients to meet with their consultants regarding proposed projects. In this day and age it’s only a matter of time small construction companies implement these technologies into their protocol. (My company, Built to Perfection, is offering distanced consultations for home owners wanting to transform their spaces when it is safe to do so).

Project demands will vary and change

With people cooped up in their homes, many will pay attention and more detail to what they want to change and refurbish in their homes. After the economy bounces back, clients will be jumping at the opportunity to create dream spaces in their homes and we will be there waiting patiently to help their dreams come true.

Although the scope of this pandemic has changed the fabric of life indefinitely, I enjoy looking to a brighter future and resuming work with our wonderful staff and clients, and building better homes.