5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Building And ADU:

Additional Dwelling Units or ADU’s have taken the construction world by storm in the last 5 years, and for good reason. With permitting acceptance rising 10 fold in the state of California, Additional Dwelling Units are easier than ever to build and customize to your liking. In fact, Los Angeles County has recently passed legislation to promote the addition of such units, making the permitting and construction process a walk in the park. At Built to Perfection, we specialize in the world of possibilities, making sure that whatever vision you have can come to life.

There are a million reasons as to why someone may want to build their very own “backyard bungalow”, however, here are the 5 reasons why we at Built to Perfection believe that an ADU is not only smart, but essential in today’s housing market.

#1 They’re Great for the Environment

On average, Additional Dwelling Units emit about 40% less CO2 than most mid sized homes. Due to their smaller size, ADUs are able to use far less water and electricity in order to remain operational. In addition, with the Los Angeles population growing daily, “sprawling” becomes more and more of an issue. “Urban Sprawling” refers to the uncontrolled expansion of urban areas into previously undeveloped land. With an existing infrastructure on your property, it would be unnecessary to expand further into presently undeveloped land, or create new gas and water lines. Making ADU’s the perfect intersection of positive environmental impact and contemporary home design.

#2 Increase Your Property Value up to 35%

Recent studies in the California housing market have shown that home prices are to rise a full 5.3% from last year. This means your current home is projected to be worth a whole lot more. But, why not expand that worth exponentially with the addition of an ADU? According to multiple sources, a singular ADU could add an estimated $200,000 – $500,000 to your current property value. Now, that is some walking around money!

#3 Provides housing for Children Returning from College, Other Family Members, Friends, or Make Accommodations for Aging in Place

With home prices and inflation at an all time high, there are many people who cannot afford conventional means of housing. This is where an ADU comes in. With a newly installed Accessory Dwelling Unit, you could house loved ones, friends, or even an aging relative in a comfortable, safe, and familiar place. In terms of elder care, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many families to find appropriate means of elder accommodation. With an ADU on your property, you could provide a home to an aging parent, without having to worry about the recurring costs of a senior home. This also allows the individual being housed, a new sense of independence, even though they are living back at home. Making it great for newly graduated college students who don’t have the resources to find a living situation that suits their current financial status. An ADU allows you many options in terms of who can stay with you on your property, and also opens up the opportunity to connect with loved ones, while still giving them space and independence.

#4 Adds Additional Income to Your Pockets

One might be asking: “but why is an ADU worth it for me?” As previously stated, there are a multitude of ways for you to utilize your ADU. One that may make it worth your while, is the ability to generate a new form of income. Many people with Accessory Dwelling Units choose to rent them out by posting them to places like AirBnB. With this new addition, your home not only rises in value, but creates an easy form of income that requires minimal maintenance.

Just last year, Los Angeles had around 213.5 million tourists both domestic and international, making it a very popular vacation destination, with that number estimated to grow. This means, people will need a place to sleep at night, and why not in your newly constructed ADU? In addition, this new influx of income grants the home-owner a return on their initial investment. Sounds worth it to you?

#5 Endless Possibilities on How to Make an ADU Work for You.

Another reason why people have been building their Additional Dwelling Units is extra space. Whether you have it in your mind to create a Man Cave or She Shed, a music studio, extra storage, additional work from home office space, or even a yoga studio, an ADU makes that vision a possibility. The options are truly infinite for how you choose to use your new asset. At Built to Perfection, we love hearing new ideas on how our clients make use of their new space. It seems like a no-brainer to take that underutilized space on your property and turn into something functional and fun. However, many aren’t aware that this is even a possibility. With competitive pricing and product managers that provide a straightforward and honest experience, we help turn your ideas into reality. So, let’s explore the possibilities.

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Written & Edited by Sam Hulsizer at Built to Perfection, Inc.